[Govt. Approved] Solar Rooftop System Pricing 2020-2021

Government Subsidy Scheme Price List Valid From: September 2019

No. of Panels (330W)KWSystem Cost per KWTotal System Cost40%
Total SubsidyCost Of PlantTotal Cost with Premium Grade MaterialRequired Space (Sq. Feet)
9 Panels3KW41,991.801,25,975.4050,390.16050,390.1675,585.241,02,135.24185
10 Panels3.3KW40,993.201,35,277.5649,191.842,459.5851,651.4283,626.141,12,831.14200
12 Panels4KW40,993.201,63,972.8049,191.848,198.6057,390.441,06,582.361,41,982.36245
15 Panels5KW40,993.202,04,966.0049,191.8416,397.2065,589.041,39,376.961,80,676.96275
16 Panels5.28KW40,993.202,45,959.2049,191.8418,692.8067,884.641,48,558.401,89,858.40285
18 Panels6KW40,993.202,70,555.1249,191.8424,595.8073,787.641,72,2171.562,21,731.56325
20 Panels6.6KW40,993.202,97,610.6349,191.8429,514.9678,706.801,91,848.322,46,364.32370
22 Panels7.26KW40,993.203,27,945.6049,191.8434,926.0384,117.872,13,492.762,73,459.76410
24 Panels8KW40,993.204,09,932.0049,191.8440,993.0090,940.022,37,760.762,95,840.76450
26 Panels8.58KW40,993.203,51,721.6649,191.8445,748.1894,940.022,56,781.643,19,071.64510
30 Panels10KW40,993.204,09,932.0051,60657,390.201,06,582.043,03,349.963,70,949.96610
Solar System Price

Home Solar System Price in Gujarat (Home Solar Panel Price in India)

Price :Above price includes GST, Freight, Installation at site, 8 years Inverter Warranty and 25 years Performance Warranty for Solar PV Modules.

As per Govt. Rules Customer has to pay Net Meter Charges separately.
As per Govt. Rules Customer has to install Isolation Switch.
As per Govt. Rules Customer has to Pay Rs.300 for Franking.
Extra work :It would charge extra for additional fabrication of standard structure, if required by our technical team after final site visit to reduce shadow effect on system.
Payment :50% advance payment along with purchase order and 50% PDC cheque against material delivery.

Latest Electricity Bill1 Self Attested Copy
Proof of Ownership as Latest Property Tax Bill or Copy of Index1 Self Attested Copy
Aadhar Card1 Self Attested Copy
PAN Card1 Self Attested Copy
Passport Sized Photos3 Photos
Cancelled Cheque for Torrent Power Customer1 Cheque